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Rapid Registration and Distribution Excellence

Quick 30-90 Day Registration In Macau For China Market Access

We specialize in rapid registration and distribution excellence that only takes 30-90 days to gain market access in Macao with a 100% success rate. This expedited process not only speeds up market access but allows us to quickly respond to patient needs and gain a competitive edge in the pharmaceutical market. Early access to treatment for patients suffering from conditions with limited options underscores ACA Pharma’s commitment to innovative healthcare solutions.






Expanding Access, Enhancing Capabilities

Broad Distribution Network:

  • After registration, all drugs become eligible for distribution across major hospitals in the Guangdong Great Bay Area, Hainan, and Tianjin, serving over 120 million people.

Reaching Far and Wide:

  • This extensive network not only ensures that medications are swiftly available to a vast patient base but also opens access to an additional 1.2 billion people in norther China. Patients can travel to these hospitals to receive critical treatments

Providing Life-Changing Solutions for Rare Diseases

Pediatric Orphan drugs benefit from direct access to top hospitals in Beijing through a special program. These hospitals treat 50%of China’s rare disease patients, providing broader access to all patients across the country who can afford the treatment, without the need for national registration. For innovative and orphan drugs, ACA Pharma leverages real-world clinical trial results to fast-track the national registration process.

Your local partner on the ground

Let us help you expedite your registration in Macau for China access today!

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